Monday, March 22, 2010

sant dnyaneshwar-Nath prakash
sant Tukaram- chaitanya
sri swami samartha-swarup
sripad ramdas sridharswami- anand
samprady having a original/real "tatwa"( spiritual knowledge which is out of border of humans thinking) as it is,who carries that 'tatwa" in continuous flow of spiritual knowledge from time to time like a river.
all knows there is a ghee in milk.if anyone tries to achive a ghee from mik by shking it with his hands for 1000 years,he will not get ghee.
that means,there is a process to make a ghee from milk.
for this,we should have to make a dahi of milk.for that we requires "virzan".only few.
where it will get.whoever having that virzan ,we have to take from it.
after some days your milk automatically becomes dahi.
then you have to MANTHAN (shake) it.
your duty is only doing that MANTHAN ,becoming of ghee not depends upon your checking after every minute but if you goes continuing in MANTHAN it will automatically comes out on its time,nothing extra needed to do.
LIKE THIS ,in adhyatma/spiritual world also have a some kind of method/path which was created by our SANT.we also have to follow that method for becoming a BHAKTA.
This method is named as "RIT".
We never take duplicate note of 500 Rs.if there we always remains alert & does all the thigs with open eye,then why we do PARMARTHA in blindly.
we also have to follow same RIT which followed by our sant.